Algonquin Park

Bandit - A-
Barron Canyon - B
Bartlett Lake - A-
Big Crow Ranger Cabin - A
Canisbay Lake - B
Galeairy Lake - C+
Hilliard Lake - B+
McCraney - B+
Parkside Bay - B+

Bon Echo

Abes & Essens Trail - C+
Joeperry Lake - B+

Bruce Peninsula National Park

Stormhaven - A-

Charleston Lake Provincial Park 

Backcountry Sites - C

Frontenac Provincial Park

Little Clear Lake - C

Frost Centre

Lake St. Nora - D
Margaret Lake - C-
Sherborne Lake - B

Grundy Lake

Grundy Lake - B-
Gurd Lake - B-
Car Campground - B+

Kawartha Highlands

Buzzard Lake - B+
Crab Lake - B
Sucker Lake - B+
Eels Creek (not far from Kawartha Highlands) - B


David Lake - A
OSA Lake - A

Lake Superior Provincial Park

Agawa Bay - A
Fenton Lake - C
Mijinemungshing Lake - A+

The Massassauga Provincial Park

Blackstone Harbour - B-

Mississagi Provincial Park

Mississagi Car Camping - B+

Pancake Bay Provincial Park

Hilltop Campground - C-

Quetico Provincial Park

Pickerel Lake - A+

Samuel de Champlain

Jingwakoki Campground - D+

Outside Ontario

British Columbia
Bear Creek Provincial Park - B-
Dry Gulch Provincial Park - B+
Lightening Lake Campground, E.C. Manning Provincial Park - B
Illecillewaet Campground, Glacier National Park - A-
Pyramid Mountain, Wells Gray Provincial Park - B
Steelhead Provincial Park - D-
Vaseux Lake Provincial Park - C+

Castle Mountain, Banff National Park - B
Columbia Icefields Campground, Jasper National Park - A
Dinosaur Provincial Park - C-
Lake Louise Tent Campground, Banff National Park - C-
Snaring River Overflow, Jasper National Park - D+
Tunnel Mountain Village I, Banff National Park - D
Two Jack Lake Main Campground - B-
Whistlers Campground, Jasper National Park - D

Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Riviere-Malbaie - A
Jacques Cartier - B
Edouard Lake, La Mauricie - B+

Chilkoot Campground, Sierra National Forest - B-

United Kingdom
North Lees Campsite (Peak District National Park) - C


  1. As a newbie to camping, this site has been invaluable. Thanks for putting the time and effort into making such a quality blog.

    1. Mom, is that you?

      But seriously, thanks very much for your feedback; knowing that the information I've posted has been of use is all a blogger can ask for. I hope that you've had some great experiences camping so far and that you'll have many more to come.

  2. Hi Umo,

    All I can say is that I really enjoyed reading your blog. I am a bit of camping lover too and I recently launched my website. It is a camping business directory where campers could freely post their reviews and share their experiences.

    Please take look when you get a chance and let me know what you think.


    1. Thanks CAmpingHUB, glad you enjoyed the blog. Best of luck with your new website, it looks like it'll be a very useful tool.

  3. Hey man, just wanted to say thanks for putting this together, great blog!

    1. Thanks a lot Steve, I appreciate your feedback!

  4. Great blog! Wondering if you had any recommendations of decent backcountry camping areas that are fairly accessible by car within 6 hours of toronto.

    1. Thanks a lot, Jim! When you say fairly accessible by car, I take it to mean that there isn't too much canoeing. In that case, my top picks within 6 hrs of Toronto are:

      -Joeperry in Bon Echo
      -High Dump or Stormhaven in Bruce Peninsula
      -George Lake in Killarney
      -Barron Canyon or Canisbay in Algonquin
      -Mississagi Interior (not sure if its still accessible)
      -Lac Edouard in La Mauricie (stretching the 6 hr limit there, but you'll probably have it all to yourself)

      Have a great trip!

    2. Thanks so much! I'll let you know what one we pick and how it goes.

  5. I also want to say thanks for this blog! It's informative, well written, and organized. We had a great trip at Joeperry.

    1. Thanks a lot, ok korea! I'm really glad to hear that you enjoyed your trip to Joeperry - it's the first place I ever canoe-camped and it's great to hear that it still provides a memorable experience 15 years later.

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  7. I really like your reviews and they are very helpful! We chose our recent camping destination of Lake Superior Agawa based on your comments, and we loved it!

    1. I appreciate your feedback, Lori, thanks! Really glad to hear that you enjoyed Agawa, Lake Superior Park is a stunner.

  8. Hey man, thanks for sharing such a useful information about Ontario camping.
    My name is Vitaliy, I'm from Russia. I camped a lot at my home country and I would like to keep my lovely hobby here. I have a question, which is very tricky to me... Is it allowed to use dead trees or track down some wood surround on the backcountry sites for a fire? I believe it's not allowed on regular campsites and you have to buy some, but I'm not sure about backcountry and Canoe-in sites...
    Please advise. Thank you!